En liten novell..

Har författat ihop ännu en liten novell för min Creative Writing kurs. Denna gången var uppgiften att använda sig av en stereotyp storyline. Till exempel; resan dit och tillbaka, återfödelse, osv. Sen skulle vi ha sterotypa karaktärer; hjälten, onda styvmorsan, the force, osv. Sen skulle vi vidare sätta oss själva i en av rollerna. Självgod som jag är blev jag givetvis "the force" i form av en allsmäktig sol. Här har ni:
The sun.
This story starts with nothing more than a sun. The sun is me and I am almighty. Flouting about in space is nice and I like the feeling of being weightless. But even an almighty sun gets bored at flouting about after a couple of billion years. I am restless.
-What did you do then? The knight in shining armors screams up with his really, really squeaky voice from the little planet, I created and then placed him on.
I giggle a little, which for the knight sounds as laughter mixed with thunder. I am after all almighty and can make my giggle sound just as I want. I am also hilarious. A knight in shiny armor with a horse and everything, but with that voice. Only I can be funny enough to create that.
I answer my creation that I, in effort to amuse myself, created the little planet he stands on and after that I created him and his squeaky voice.
-You made my voice like this on purpose!? He cries out blushing with anger. I burst out laughing hard and the thunder that comes with it scares his horse into a panic race across a beautiful flower meadow I am particular proud of. I am also artistic
After a while my laughter calms down and with it the knight’s horse.
-So what now, almighty sun?! Have you created anything else?
I, the sun, pretend that I don’t hear the irony in his voice. I am after all almighty and know the future. But instead of sharing it with him, I tell him about the beautiful princess I have created. And about her beautiful hair that’s long, blond and flow like a wild stream over her shoulders. 
The knight is now blushing for a totally different reason.
But then I continue, and tell him about the evil dragon that is keeping her captured in a tower that reaches to the sky. And about the fire the dragon can spit with his dragon mouth. To really make my point about the fire I send some extra sunbeams towards him to warm up his shining armor.
-So of you go, I tell him. -She is on the other side of the planet, it will take you about five minutes to get there. I am also lazy.
After what feels like months for the dragon fighter, but just like seconds for me, the almighty sun, the dragon is dead. The knight in a no longer shining armor has climbed almost all the way up the tower that reaches the sky. Then I make him fall. I am also a fan of irony.
I also like beautiful princesses and happy endings. That is why I, the almighty sun, get the girl and now have a companion in my flouting about in space.
By: Nils Johansson 2012-09-03

Postat av: moster Ewa

Jag fick ett vykort från dig igår. Det värmde. TACK

2012-09-05 @ 08:37:29

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